Trauma Training Seminars & Professional Consultation
Over 30 years experience as a trauma therapist and professional consultant
specializing in complex trauma, dissociation and other trauma related issues

Trauma Training Seminars & Professional Consultation

Lorna Gallant, B.A., has spent a lifetime acquiring expertise, experience and knowledge in the field of trauma and trauma education.


Through her many years working with people who have experienced complex trauma, Lorna remains passionate in her belief of people’s ability to heal.

Lorna has worked for over 30 years with non-profit groups striving to end violence against women and children. Lorna believes that all trauma survivors have the right to healthy, productive and meaningful lives.

Lorna strongly believes that access to high quality education and in-training service assists providers in accompanying their clients on the client-defined pathway to healing.

Lorna uses a trauma-informed approach to dealing with trauma-related issues.

Trauma is a normal reaction to abnormal events.

Trauma refers to experiences or events that by definition are out of the ordinary in terms of their overwhelming nature. They are more than merely stressful - they are also shocking, terrifying, and devastating to the victim, resulting in profoundly upsetting feelings of terror, shame, helplessness, and powerlessness.

-Courtois, 1999

Lorna will customize and present a workshop for your organization by
delivering trauma training seminars on topics such as:

  • Vicarious Traumatization/Compassion Fatigue
  • Therapeutic Boundaries
  • The Struggle with Self-blame/Guilt
  • Hiding the Shame
  • PTSD
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Unspeakable Grief
  • Dissociation 101
  • Coping with Flashbacks
  • Using Anger/Rage to heal
  • Coping through Self-Harm.
Contact Lorna to customize a workshop for your organization.

The presentation style was excellent. Thank you so much for all your words and expertise that went into this workshop.
- B. Doyle

This was an excellent, inspiring conference!
- Participant

This was an fabulous workshop! Thank you Lorna Gallant.
- Dan Siegel

This workshop was amazing, Bravo!
- Participant

I appreciated the knowledge and expertise of the presenter. The depth, quality, and amount of information presented. I also appreciated the wonderful positive message that was conveyed.
- Participant

Excellent teaching!
- Participant

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